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List of Youtube Channels That Can Boost Your Development Career In 2018 | BSN Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Youtube is the largest collection of videos in the world. Here you can get a lot of knowledge about any topic you want. As we know Software engineers, Web Developers, Designers all of them are fully dependent on an Internet. When they search on the internet for any code or to know the working of any software tool, they always prefer videos for it. Videos are the best method of understanding any topic or any new tool or technology. It's very much similar like we are getting knowledge about anything in our classroom.

Here is a List Of Youtube channels that can help you to Boost your knowledge and career.

1. The New Boston

The New Boston has a huge array of high-quality video tutorials (over 4200) on computer programming, game development, web design, and lots of other computers related topics. Initially, it was a YouTube channel but later it grew into an online community. The man behind this awesome YouTube channel is Bucky Roberts.

Tutorial on: ECMAScript 6, React JS / Redux, Django, Angular 2, Gulp, Git, Python, SEO, SASS, SCSS, Grunt, Illustrator, MongoDB, PHP, Java, Ruby, Objective C

2. Derek Banas

Derek Banas has the whole host of useful video tutorials on web design, development, programming tutorials. His videos receive over 30 million views every month, that is enough for anyone to realize how high quality these videos are. If you want to learn web development from scratch this channel would be one of your best options.

Tutorial on: C#, Visual Basic, Django, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Java, SQLite, Android, HTML, PHP, Objective C

3. Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury teaches both programming contents and graphic design in his channel. You will find some of the best free JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML tutorials on his YouTube channel that could easily compete will any paid web development course.

Tutorial on: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Android

4. Codecourse

Codecourse has a great library of PHP tutorials. You can build a complete website from scratch following their detailed step by step PHP tutorials. If you want to have a deeper understanding of you can check out their paid tutorials too.

Tutorial on: PHP (laravel, Symfony, Slim)

 5. LevelUpTuts

Scott Tolinski has around 840+ free video tutorials on web development on his channel. This channel has the most in-depth easy to follow video tutorials on web development, guaranteed.

 6. Google Chrome Developers

Latest and greatest talks on modern web development with pro-tips, insights, and techniques to help you level up your web development skill.


Screencast by Jesse Boyer on popular web development topics like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Linux, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more. Step right up if you’re interested in learning web development.

8. Quentin Watt Tutorials

Quentin Watt’s YouTube channel is entirely focused on web design and web development. He has free video tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Joomla, cPanel and many more.

 9. DevTips

My personal favorite. Weekly videos on the subject of web design and development by Travis Neilson. Travis has a unique style that makes this channel stand out from the crowd. In this channel, you will find detailed tutorials on HTML5, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, GitHub.

 10. LearnWebCode

As well releasing premium tutorials Brad Schiff has some in-depth tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Tutorial on: HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress

11. Naveed Ziarab

YouTube channel of UK based web developer Naveed Ziarab. He has some great video tutorials on Laravel, Gulp, Java, CSS, C Sharp, HTML, jQuery, Database, PHP, Backbone, C++.

12. TheDigiCraft

The Digital Craft is a dedicated website for teaching web development topics. They have a good deal of detailed straight forward videos on HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Ajax, Bootstrap, MySQL and many more.

13. Coder’s Guide

YouTube channel of Neil Rowe where he teaches basic web development concepts and breaks down complex web designing projects.

14. 1stWebDesigner

YouTube channel of 1stWebDesigner has a couple of start to finish website development series. Which are very detailed and will help you to understand how the professional web development is done.

15. CSS Tricks

YouTube channel of well-known web design and development blog CSS Tricks by Chris Coyier. On their YouTube channel, you will find some in-depth screencasts about various web development topics.



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