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Grow Your Business With Accountwell ERP Solutions Accountwell is a smart Web based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution. Accountwell is a game changing Cloud ERP solution Specially designed to meet the specific requirements of Large and Medium sized companies where the lower TCO and faster deployment is a must. This built to last Cloud ERP Suit from Accountwell is developed on the latest Microsoft platform and provides Web interface providing both mobility as well as ease of use.
This highly configurable Cloud ERP solution provides rich set of functionality across business processes covering Financial Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, CRM, Production, Quality Control etc. In addition to AccountwellERP basic modules, we are offering some other modules which are also integrated with it. Which are HRMS, Task Management System, Engineering.
These modules are as integrated with Accountwell so you can have all the control in a single solution with all the control in your hand with a single user ID and Password. It gives you seamless integration across business functions and tight control and visibility over your business which is critical to run your operations efficiently and stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment.
• Seamless Integration across enterprise
• Real time information sharing
• Robust Authorization Control
• Instant connect with customers and suppliers
• Increased efficiencies
• Improved Productivity
• Quicker Decision Making
• Focus on strategic planning
Accounting Module
For any business large or small what matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Financial indicators make up this bottom line. If your business does not have an effective method for recording and analysis of financial data, chances are your numbers might get affected. With Accountwell financial module, you can easily record financial transactions and generate financial reports. The module helps you maintain all important ledger accounts and practice effective cash and asset management. Integration with all the other business functions makes Accountwell a powerful solution for all your financial management needs.
• Configuration of chart of accounts
• Unlimited number of account groups
• Multiple voucher types with auto/manual numbering
• Predefined narration entry
• Drill down facility
• Exporting data from external sources like excel sheets etc.
• Simple and easy to use TDS module
• Bank and ledger reconciliation
• Multiple voucher, accounts and reports printing
Inventory Module
Accountwell inventory module with easy and simple tracking of inventory across locations makes sure you have adequate supplies at the right time and at the right place. Covering all activities from goods receipt to issued, the inventory module gives your purchase and sales functions access to useful information. Reports for valuation, re order level, attribute listing and alternate units’ stock report you can look at the broader picture and manage inventory with ease and accuracy.
• Bar code enabled tracking
• Multiple Item categories and groups supported
• Multiple units of items can be maintained
• Compound units for items
• Batch number and serial number auto/manual generation
• Expiry control and warranty tracking
• Configurable attributes supported for item variants
• Images, specifications and technical drawings can be attached
• Tax data for item groups as well as item level
• Issue of indents
• Record of goods issued, goods received and goods inspected
• Maintain stock journal and stock transfer
Sales & Distribution Module
If you are looking for a solution that will add boost to your sales and increase revenues, Accountwell sales module will give you the edge in the market. Handling all activities from inquiry to return to outright sales, you will be able to give your sales team the required information at fingertips. Keep a track of your sales through the Sales MIS reports that give you all the sales data on a single screen. You can add the finishing touch to your sales orders by attaching labels, bar codes and customized invoices and other communications through Accountwell printing options. You can follow a standardized procedure for each sale and provide quality services to each customer.
• Comprehensive customer management
• Recording of the sales cycle from inquiry to payment and return
• Customer partner roles
• Commission agents and brokers
• Sales representatives management
• Multiple price lists
• Sales schemes and sales BOM
• Export management
• MIS reports
• Multiple order, delivery, invoice types with manual / auto numbering
Purchase Module
Purchase of supplies in co-ordination with the inventory and sales functions will help you reduce costs and maintain smooth functioning of the manufacturing. Accountwell purchase module has the capability to handle your purchase requirements right from requisition to return. Record all quotations, orders, invoices and returns to help you keep a track on how the order is progressing. Perform vendor analysis and quotation comparison to choose what is best for your business through Accountwell. With Accountwell, you can take better purchase decisions to acquire resources at the lowest costs and the best quality. Highlights
• Comprehensive vendor management
• Configurable price template for purchase documents
• Configurable terms and conditions
• No repeated data entry
• Multiple order, goods receipt, invoice types with auto/manual numbering
• All the steps of the purchase cycle are covered
• Quotation comparison
• Vendor analysis
• Tracking of pending purchase documents
Production Module
Accountwell has a multilevel BOM that can record all the materials required no matter how trivial to the process. You can generate various production order types, issue goods and keep a track of the finished goods and by products. Practice efficient production planning to streamline your processes and reduce wastage with Accountwell. You can control costs, monitor processes, create resource groups and maintain multiple production locations for your business.
• Supports batch, discrete, made to order and made to stock types of production
• Multi level bill of materials
• Multiple BOM variants supported
• Enables process routing
• Formulation of production plans
• Material requirement planning based on sales order and production plan
• Production orders generated on the basis of BOM and process routing
• Manual, Forward and Backward scheduling of production based on process routing
• Issue of raw materials and packing materials against orders
• Finished goods receipt against production order
• By product and scrap tracking during production
• Production costing methods


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