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Features of ERP Software

What AccountWell Does For Businesses!
From manufacturing industries to IT companies, AccountWell is there to cater for the accounting needs of all businesses. An effective integration of powerful modules, AccountWell lets businesses access, maintain and evaluate their necessary financial database.
Account well is a complete business accounting and inventory software. Bring everything you need right on your screen, choose AccountWell!
Head Office / Branch Management
With our Branch Management module you will be able to get all kinds of reports relating to all the branches at various locations
Multi Location Management
We have made it easy for you. Multiple locations integrated into one accounting software for ease of operations.
Auto Consolidation Management
Instantly consolidate your financials with our multi-entity accounting system and automated intercompany eliminations
Cloud Based Platform
Using cloud accounting software frees the business from having to install and maintain software on individual desktop computers.
Data Security
Your business information and replicates it in several locations online. This means that it’s safe, secure and available when you need it.
Auto Backup Facility
An automatic backup utility provides a set of tools that can free a user from any regular backup activity. Auto Reminders/SMS
Send automated reminder SMS texts and emails to your clients. Approvals & Validations
One of the biggest challenges faced by accounting teams is the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks like approval & validations. Overcome these challenges with Accountwell. Modules Of AccountWell Procurement Management
Indent Creation, Indent Approval, Quotation Comparison, Purchase Order Creation, Purchase Order Approval, Indent Register, P.O. Register, Approval & Customized Reports.
Purchase Management
Material Inward, Material Approval, Material Rejection, Purchase Bill Against Material Inward, Purchase Bill Against P.O.,Purchase Bill Direct, Purchase Bill Image Upload, Inward Register, Purchase Register, Purchase GST Register & Customize Reports.
Inventory Management System
Stock In, Stock Issue, Store wise Stock, Material Transfer, Stock Register, Stock Summary, Stock Ledger & Customized Reports.
Financial Accounting Management
Payment, Receipt, Contra and Journal Voucher, Bank Reconciliation, Payment Advice, Site wise Payment, Day Book, Cash Book, Party Ledger, Trial Balance, Depreciation Chart, Profit, loss Balance sheet, Site wise & Consolidate reports.
Production Management System
Bill of Material, Machine Master, Process Master, Material Issue, Work in Process, Production in Packaging, Customized Production, Process & Reports. Human Resource Management
Vacancy Creation, Job Posting, Vacancy Allotment, Candidate Call, Selection Process, Offer Letter, Joining Letter, Training Process, Employee ID Generation, Warning Letter, Appraisal Process & MIS.
Job Work Management
Job Order, Job Bill, Dispatch, Job Register, Job Work Material Managemnet & MIS.
Transport Management
Vehicle Type, Vehicle Master, Driver Master, Vehicle Driver Mapping, Vehicle Service Details, Vehicle Maintenance Details, Vehicle Log, Insurance & Permit Details & MIS.
Payroll Management
Employee Database, Salary Details, Salary Register, Salary Slip, Advance Payment, Deductions, Additions, Compliances & MIS
Maintenance Management System
Machine Master, Machine Log, Service Details, AMC Details, Job Card, Spare Part charges, Maintenance charges & MIS.
Store Management
Store Master, Store Wise Material In, Store Wise Material Issue, Store Wise Stock Register, Store Register.
Sales Management
Sale Order, Sale Challan, Sale Bill, Invoice Printing, Dispatching, Packaging, Output GST Register, Customer Database & Sale Register.
Attendance Management
Employee Attendance, Biometric Attendance, Face Recognition Attendance, Punch Card, GPS Based Attendance, Log Entry, Leave Detail, Leave Application & Approval.
Budget Management
Budget Head Creation, Budget Allocation, Receivable Budget, Payment Budget, Budget Transfer, Add Budget & Budget Utilization.
Assets Management
Asset Master, Asset Purchase, Asset write Off, Asset Location Tracking, Asset Maintenance & Asset Register.
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